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EcordiApp – Ecordia’s New Mobile App

Over recent years the number of users on Ecordia has grown dramatically – all accessing our system through conventional web browsers, on PCs, laptops and mobile devices. However for ease-of-access, particularly when out in the field, the mobile app is proving to be very quick and efficient.

EcordiApp now provides a very convenient way for assessors and candidates to upload evidence to a portfolio and view course progress. The app is compatible with Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using iOS5.1 or above – and is available free from iTunes.

Key Features:

  1. Progress and gap analysis

  2. Upload videos and images

  3. Type evidence records, such as observations and reflective accounts

  4. Add and submit new evidence in a portfolio

  5. View, prepare and submit existing evidence, and download evidence attachments

  6. Link and cross-reference evidence to the course standards

EcordiApp is different to other e-portfolio mobile apps, not least because it is a tool to access our main Ecordia system, but because it is available to all our users, not just assessors, so even candidates can use EcordiApp!

More information on EcordiApp here!

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