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Sadie Reeve

Ecordia is an excellent platform for qualifications. It’s easy to navigate through and seems to work well for both learner and assessor.

Nikki Meads

Fantastic resource for assessors and learners to communicate, share work and build portfolios of evidence.

Karen McAtear

An excellent resource for both candidates and assessors. Simple and straightforward to use.

Emma Hart

Having used Ecordia for many years, I still believe this is the best e-portfolio. We recently considered changing to another e-portfolio and looked at many. Although, some looked more attractive and modern, they didn’t have the ease of functions that Ecordia has to assess and IQA. Everything is always easy to find and to see when work has been assessed, IQAed and exactly which unit it has been linked to and when a unit has sufficient evidence included in it to sign it off. Ecordia were the only e-portfolio, that we looked at, ready for the new Standards and have resources available to help with the Standards, there is also an option to have your ‘showcase’ work listed separately for the EPA.

We have Learners that have used other e-portfolios but they all always comment on how straight forward and easy Ecordia is to use, to upload work, to see their progress and to understand what they have left to do. Some Learners still want to use a paper-based system and like their ‘pretty folders’ but Ecordia still has the look of a folder and Learners are always quick to get rid of their paperwork once they start using it. Customer Service is excellent and responses are almost immediate, changes needed to the system are taken on board and actioned, within reason, and issue quickly rectified. Staff are friendly and helpful and always keen to help. I would recommend Ecordia to anyone. Emma West Berkshire Training Consortium, Newbury.


Sarah Worsick
I have been using Ecordia for 9 years now as an Assessor and as a Learner and I love how easy it is to use and how they have adapted it and updated it when needed. The support from them is great and no trouble and always ensure everything is right and listen to our feedback. clear system and help guide to ensure it easily understood and would recommend it to anyone looking for an E-Portfolio.

Lyn Wilson
I have found both as an assessor and learner that the system is simple to use, when supporting learners to use the system you can talk them through quite easily over the phone, to guide them how to access plans, feedback and locate their standards. The learners are able to write directly within their e-portfolio evidence box or upload work depending on their preferences. Within the plans and feedback sections assessors are able to upload resources or guide learners to access additional resources within the resource tab. The messaging facility enables ease of communication between learners and assessor. On completion of assessment learners receive instant feedback to support with motivation and progression.

Learners are able to see the progression of the award and individual units promoting them to take ownership of the learning and progression. The help tab is supportive to learners and assessor and contains lots of information taking you through step by step with clear instructions and pictures to guide you. An issues that have arisen the Ecordia support team have dealt with effectively and efficiently.


K Mills
Ecordia is fab! Easy to use and navigate the system. The Help Console gives you step by step guides and videos so you can’t go wrong. Highly recommend!!👍

Rita Owen

Love Ecordia is so easy to use and they have continually updating the system. As an EQA, IQA, assessor and a previous learner, it is easy to negotiate and nothing is too much problem when you need support for the system. I use it for my centre for quality assurance monitoring, where I am able to print off reports. In my EQA role I use many other systems, which are complicated and confusing. I would recommend Ecordia to anyone for a good quality E portfolio.

Alex Boyce
Ecordia is a great E-Portfolio system for Apprenticeships, allowing centre’s and their staff and candidate’s to assess a whole range of qualifications cohesively to support candidate’s and their employers. Alex Boyce – Gloucestershire College.

Lee Gifford
Always helpful and are able to quickly adapt be bespoke and respond to our needs.

I use Ecordia daily working with my learners.. always easy to use!

Paul Rogers
I have just started finding my way around. I hope to be using the platform extensively later in the year. So far, all seems straightforward and responses to emails have been swift and very helpful.

Dawn Morland
I have used Ecordia for a number of years and find it user friendly for both staff and learners a like. Support staff are always available to help and come across as friendly and approachable. Ecordia supports our quality systems as it allows remote access for EQA’s and means i don’t have to gather together large numbers of paper portfolios for centre visits. I have looked at a number of other e-portfolios in my time but i would recommend Ecordia as value for money every time.

Sue McCaughan
I am a freelance Assessor and have been supporting learners through QCF Health and Social Care qualifications at levels 2, 3 and 5. Ecordia is a very easy system for learners to use, even those without good IT skills or confidence. Learners particularly like being able to view their progress percentage. The tabs are self explanatory and the whole system is user friendly. I have found Ecordia efficient, straightforward and informative. The interaction between assessor, learner and internal verifier is smooth. I have used another online portfolio building system and wasn’t impressed. I would strongly recommend Ecordia to any potential user.

Andrea Wood

Ecordia is easy to use, so straight forward. I feel it looks a little outdated in appearance compared to other E-portfolios. These may look more funky, but are not user friendly. With Ecordia it’s easy to upload evidence, give feedback and easy to see progression made towards targets/goals sets. All my learners say they find the system easy to use.

Samantha McAtear
Ecordia staff reply to support enquiries really quickly, and it’s great to be able to access assessment documents and track learner progress easily.

Shaun Farrell
As an assessor this make perfect sense. an electronic portfolio where candidate and assessor which can be interacted with work in real time. Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust use additional delegate accounts for supplementary learning as part of the Apprenticeship Levy.

Audrey Gregory
Ecordia is user friendly and easy to work with. Any issues are sorted quickly and efficiently by the support team. Thanks Ecordia.

Jade Woolley
Ecordia is a good E-Portfolio system, there are many perks to using this website. It can be confusing to look at, but you soon get the hang of it and it has a lot of benefits.

Nicky Wells
Portfolio Layout I have used a number of online portfolios and I favour the layout of Ecordia above all of the others. I ask my students to think of this as though it was a paper-based portfolio and to navigate the sections using the dividers down the right hand side and this helps them to know how to get around the system and find the areas they are looking for. Everyone is different and while not suitable for all I have found Ecordia to be one of the most user-friendly for students and tutors – we have even adopted Ecordia for our staff’s own CPD records. I would recommend Ecordia as an online portfolio that has served my current organisation well for many years.

Mandy Macdonald
I have worked with this system for a few years now, I have been impressed with the easiness of the whole online portfolio, it is user friendly, it is easy to navigate and work with, it does everything I need to support assessors and the learners in my cohort and they find it easy to use. There is little disruption as I get with other systems. They carry out updates which do not cause issues with use. I have recommended to many providers to use. Mandy Macdonald Assessor and IQA at Summerhouse Training.

Georgina Sexton
Our centre has worked with Ecordia for 5 years. Our learners and assessors find the system easy to use and the team are very responsive in their support.

Kath Stevens
Ecordia e-portfolios are used by all our learners. The system is secure and straight forward to navigate. Support queries are always dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Chris Walling
I am an assessor for an FE college (Llandrillo College) and use Ecordia for City and Guilds plumbing NVQ 2 and 3 portfolios. We find the system easy to use for assessment, IQA and EQA. Ecordia is a bespoke interactive portfolio which means not having to download and upload documents for assessments as in other systems we looked at. The support from Ecordia when we are not sure how to do something is excellent. We have been using Ecordia for 9 years now and we are very happy with them.

Sadie Reeve
Ecordia is an excellent platform for qualifications. It’s easy to navigate through and seems to work well for both learner and assessor.

Nikki Meads
Fantastic resource for assessors and learners to communicate, share work and build portfolios of evidence.

Karen McAtear
An excellent resource for both candidates and assessors. Simple and straightforward to use.


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