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Features & Functionality

Plagiarism Checker - PlagScan


Plagiarism Checking Service

Plagscan is a third-party specialist tool and it’s fully integrated with Ecordia, so the user (candidate and/or assessor) can easily run checks on evidence attachments as well as evidence prepared onscreen.  Results are generated within minutes, and the checker receives an email when ready to view the results on the evidence page, these are then also available to the whole assessment team.


Scans are checked against the internet, and previously submitted documents from your centre and all other centres who are subscribed to the feature.

The following annual subscription options are available:

2500 credits = up to 250,000 word checks per annum (12 months):  £162.00
5000 credits = up to 500,000 word checks per annum (12 months):  £283.80
10,000 credits = up to 1 million word checks per annum (12 months):  £540
20,000 credits = up to 2 million word checks per annum (12 months):  £950 (most popular)
30,000 credits = up to 3 million word checks per annum (12 months):  £1250
40,000 credits = up to 4 million word checks per annum (12 months):  £1495
50,000 credits = up to 5 million word checks per annum (12 months):  £1650

1 credit = up to 100 word checks. 

E.g. if a document contains 95 words, that’s 1 credit; if it contains 175 words it’s 2 credits.

You will be able to check up to your subscribed number of words per annum and if the number of word checks is exceeded within the 12 month period, we will invoice the remaining instalments on the following month, and a new subscription can be commenced.


If you find your usage in the first 3 months is clearly going to exceed your subscribed level per annum we can revise your subscription at that point.


You can learn more about the Plagiarism Checker in the Ecordia Help Console.


Please let us know if you have any questions or queries with any of the above.

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