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Focus on Functionality: Showcase / Portfolio of Evidence

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Showcase / Portfolio of Evidence.

Showcase is for recording achievements towards the Assessment Gateway and presenting evidence for End-point Assessment for the new Apprenticeship Standards and is used to:

  1. Share evidence with the Independent Assessor/End Point Assessor

  2. Enable you to record achievements towards the Assessment Plan and Assessment Gateway

  3. Sharing evidence with an Independent Assessor / End Pont Assessor

Users can go to the Evidence tab and simply select the evidence they would like to make available to their EPA.

Assessment teams can record achievements towards the Assessment Plan and/or Assessment Gateway:

Centres and assessment teams can configure the outcomes they what to track against the assessment plan or assessment gateway.

Centres can set the properties of each component, which can be update as required, and upload and store attachments as required.

Access for Independent Assessors / End Point Assessors The Showcase / Portfolio of Evidence can be shared with one or more End Point Assessors at any time. The EPA will only be able to access this portfolio tab and only the evidence which is shared.

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