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Focus on Functionality: Gap Report

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The Gap Report has been available on Ecordia for some time now but it’s one of the most popular features on the system.  Here’s some more information about it:

The Gap Report is available to the assessment team & the candidate.  It allows a user to quickly see the gaps in a portfolio.  Ideal for assessment planning and for use during assessments, because the Gap Report can be viewed on screen or exported to a PDF file.

The course builder on Ecordia can be configured to support the varies assessment requirements for different qualifications, such as how many times a criteria needs to be covered – and even if it need to be covered by a specific evidence type before being complete.  This information is used to update the Gap Report, ensuring your assessment team and candidates do not miss an important requirement, which could ordinarily lead to a delay in achievement or certification.

For users of Ecordia more information can be found in the Ecordia Help Console.

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