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Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Work Templates

Creating the same Plan repeatedly can be very time consuming and monotonous whether you are creating it from scratch or copying and pasting, so why not use Ecordia’s Work Template feature?

Using our Work Templates you only need to create the Plan once and you can then apply it to multiple candidate portfolios on the same course via the tick of a box.  In addition, Work Templates can also be cloned for use on other courses.

Some features of the Work Template functionality:

  1. Work Templates can be created by Administrators, Assessors or IQAs

  2. Access can be restricted to the creator or shared with other centre Users

  3. Templates can be applied automatically via Course Events

  4. Flexible application – you choose the status of the Plan when it is applied ie. Draft, Proposed or Active

The Benefits:

  1. Time-saving feature as Plans only need to be created once

  2. Centre Administrators can create Course Events to apply the Work Templates automatically at the appropriate time

  3. Standardisation of Plans which can also be personalised via the Candidate portfolio if required

  4. It’s FREE to use!

To find out more please use the links below:  (Item 7)

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