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Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Plagiarism Checker

Ecordia Focus on Functionality – Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is defined as “the presentation of another person’s thoughts or words or artefacts or software as though they were a student’s own”, and can be an issue for some training providers.

To assist training providers, Ecordia has a built-in Plagiarism Checker to allay suspicion of any plagiarised activity.

Whilst this advanced functionality does attract a further subscription, we have a tiered pricing structure starting at just £27.50+VAT* per month and feel this is money well spent. *cost of checking up to 1 million words per annum.

Some features of the Plagiarism Checker: • Coloured indicator to show the stage the plagiarism check is at. • On-screen instructions for downloading the plagiarism report. • Plagiarism report generated in Word format. • Plagiarised matches are detailed down the right-hand side of the page and indicate possible sources.

The Benefits: • Built-in to Ecordia – no need to access external systems. • Timely response – Results available within 24 hours at peak times. • Documents can be checked multiple times if required. • A course setting enables checks to be carried out by the Assessor, the Candidate, or both.

To find out more please use the link below:

Please contact your Ecordia Account Manager to discuss the options available if you would like to implement this advanced functionality for your centre.

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