Ecordia Focus on Functionality: EcordiApp

Ecordia Focus on Functionality – EcordiApp

EcordiApp is the mobile application for the Ecordia e-portfolio and e-assessment solution. It is designed to assist users in gathering ad-hoc evidence quickly and efficiently using their mobile device. EcordiApp is designed to be used in conjunction with the main Ecordia system.

Some features of the EcordiApp functionality:

• EcordiApp is available in both Android and iOS versions • It is FREE to download from the relevant app store • Upload audio recordings from your device direct to the candidate portfolio • EcordiApp is accessible to all user roles • Users login with their existing username and password

The Benefits:

• Continue working on Ecordia wherever you are • Very simple and easy to use • Offline mode for when you don’t have internet access • It’s FREE to use!

To find out more please use the links below:

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