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Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Online Tests

Ecordia Focus on Functionality – Online Tests

Ecordia is so versatile that, in addition to creating a portfolio of evidence, you can also create online tests for candidates to complete. Online tests could range from in-house tests through to practice tests for more formal qualifications.

Using our Online Tests functionality, training providers can check for candidates’ underpinning knowledge regarding the qualification they are working towards.

Some features of the Online Tests:

  1. Online Tests can be created by Centre Administrators.

  2. Choice of question types ie. multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank or short answer.

  3. Online Tests can be pre-linked to the criteria.

  4. Flexible scoring – you set the pass-rate.

  5. You can set a retake option for those who fail the test.

The Benefits:

  1. Time-saving feature as tests only need to be created once.

  2. Test can be applied to multiple candidates.

  3. Automatic marking and instant results.

  4. It’s FREE to use!

To find out more please use the links below:

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