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Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Enquiries

Ecordia is more than just an e-portfolio system!

At Ecordia we understand the importance of candidate procurement but the monitoring of enquiries can be time consuming and easily overlooked.

Why not let Ecordia ease the strain by using our built-in Enquiries feature?

Some features of the Enquiries facility:

  1. Build a database of enquiries within Ecordia

  2. Facility to enter all personal details including workplace and potential course of interest

  3. Enter notes via the Contact Log entry

  4. Turn the enquiry entry into a Candidate record at the click of a button

The Benefits:

  1. No double-data entry within Ecordia

  2. No separate database or CMS required

  3. Filter your enquiries using the Search facility

  4. Easy tracking of pipeline enquiries

To find out more please use the link below:

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