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Ecordia Focus on Functionality: The Mentor User Role

When evidence is being created or uploaded you may wish to share it with another person within the workplace. This person could be an Independent Witness or someone who is supporting the Candidate through their qualification such as a Supervisor or Workplace Manager. With this in mind Ecordia has the Mentor role and evidence can be shared with them by either the Candidate or the Assessor.

Some features of the Mentor role:

• Mentors have their own username and password. • A workplace can have multiple Mentors. • Mentor/Witness comments are added by a click of a button. • Once the Assessor accepts the Mentor comments they are locked and become “read only”.

The Benefits:

• Secure access – Mentors can only leave comments or upload supporting evidence when evidence is shared with them by either the Candidate or the Assessor. • Timely response – Mentors receive a message advising them that evidence has been shared with them and can access the item direct from the message. • No need for separate preparation of witness testimonies as Mentor/Witness comments are displayed on the item of evidence. • The Assessor can view the Mentor/Witness comments when considering their assessment decision.

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