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Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Interactive Progress Report

One of the many requirements placed upon a training provider is that of continuous tracking of learner progress.  This cannot only be an onerous task for assessors with a large case-load, it can also be very time-consuming – not to mention the quality assurance process by centre administrators.  With this in mind, Ecordia have developed the Interactive Progress Report.

Using our Interactive Progress Report can take the stress out of tracking learner progress.

Some features of the Interactive Progress Report:

  1. Month-by-month log of candidates progress

  2. Separate log for each candidate

  3. Add/Edit an entry at any time during the current month

  4. Comments from previous months are locked

  5. Report can be exported in CSV format for viewing/further manipulation in Excel

The Benefits:

  1. Excellent progress tracking at a glance

  2. Assessors can update all their candidates on one screen

  3. Quality Assurers can monitor candidate progress at the click of a button

  4. Easily identify candidates at risk

  5. It’s FREE to use!

To find out more please use the link below: http://help.ecordia.co.uk/Ecordia/default.aspx#pageid=interactive_progress_report


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