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Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Contact Log

Ecordia’s Contact Log is a very useful feature which allows contact to be recorded by the Candidate, the Assessor and any other centre users with a relationship to the Candidate’s portfolio.

Log Entry Types can be tailored to your centre requirements by the Centre Administrator or Quality Assurer via a few simple steps.

Some features of the Contact Log:

  1. Entries can be restricted to centre staff only for viewing purposes thereby creating a confidential means of recording contact.

  2. Contact Log Types can be linked to courses, so you could have different entry types for different courses.

  3. Once a log entry has been saved attachments can be uploaded to it. This could be anything from a Review form to a copy of an email that has been received or a screenshot of a text message conversation.

Furthermore, Contact Log entries feed into the Contact Log Report which can be filtered according to your search criteria, providing an excellent audit log which can then be exported to PDF or CSV file.

The Benefits:

  1. Ensure the Candidate is receiving the correct amount of contact and guidance.

  2. Save administration time by having a built-in Contact Log that is also FREE and reportable.

  3. Improve quality assurance by customising how the Contact Log works for different courses.

To find out more please use the links below:

Ecordia Help Topic:  Log Entry – Contact Log Buttons

Ecordia Help Topic: Contact Log Types

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