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Update: New Apprenticeship Standards

Next year the assessment planning of apprenticeships will become much more fluid and less bound by specific standards set by the QCA.  It is up to the assessment centre and employer to agree what needs to be done by the learner.

New functionality on Ecordia will enable the learner’s e-portfolio to have ‘tracked plans’ and also with plan progress information.  This will be available and visible on the learner’s portfolio front page.  Clicking on the plan on the front page will take you straight to that plan within the portfolio.  There will be options for your centre to set the portfolios so that active units and/or tracked plans are visible.  UCAS point calculations are also part of the upgrades to the system.  Assessment centres will have the ability to set Plan Properties, to give the learner grades, credits and specify guided learning hours.

Furthermore, these changes have now made Ecordia an excellent system for BtECs and more academic qualifications such as A-Levels.  The Ecordia Development Team are also looking at other enhancements and changes to help with the new apprenticeship standards, including End Point Assessment.  We will keep in touch with progress!

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