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Plagiarism Checker – New to Ecordia

Ecordia is pleased to announce a new optional plugin for Ecordia; plagiarism and similarity checks through PlagScan.

PlagScan compares your document with billions of others and highlights relevant similarities between them. It enables our users to identify plagiarism by checking documents with Plagscan’s online plagiarism detection platform, in real time.

“Copy & Pasting” or plagiarising complete portions of text is unfortunately very easy. Many candidates & students are tempted to copy online sources as a shortcut. PlagScan on Ecordia offers a simple solution that automates the process of finding possible plagiarism.

  1. PlagScan is used worldwide – more than 1000 organisations on all continents work with PlagScan.

  2. PlagScan accesses billions of documents for the detection of plagiarism.

  3. The search index is updated and expanded on a daily basis.

  4. More than 1 million tested documents each year, including 300,000 research papers.

  5. PlagScan was independently tested and ranked first in terms of usability and online service by in 2013.

  6. Maintain full control over your documents while keeping all your data perfectly safe – when using PlagScan, documents are never published or passed on to third parties.

  7. Time-efficient and easy to use: Upload documents for checking and receive similarity reports with a simple click of a button.

Please contact your account manager or email if you would like more information.

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Taylor Joseph
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