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Ofsted’s QIA recognise Ecordia as good practice

Ofsted is soon to place Ecordia on its website under their sharing good practice section. Inspectors that recently visited Revolutions Training – one of Ecordia’s customers on the South Coast – despite being sceptical, came away from the visited enthusing about Ecordia.

Revolutions Training’s Managing Director, Eleanor Langridge says of Ecordia “We have used e‐portfolio systems for five years and during that time have developed considerable experience. We have evaluated each one over the years and always found them to be lacking in one area or another. With Ecordia we were delighted to find a product that could be adapted to our established way of working as well as offering us the improvements, flexibility and reliability we were looking for”.

Further to this recent endorsement from Ofsted, they had already report Ecordia as being “a very effective online assessment and portfolio system”.

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