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Microsoft stop support & updates for older versions of Internet Explorer

As of 12th January 2016, Microsoft has ceased support and updates for older versions of Internet Explorer.

We are seeing conflicting reports on this, however what is for certain is that if you have versions 8 or lower then you definitely need to  upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer (version 11 or Microsoft Edge Browser).  Some articles are reporting that all versions apart from 11 and Edge will no longer have support or updates.

The safest options by far is to upgrade to IE 11 or Microsoft Edge Browser.

Mark James, a security specialist at online security firm ESET, warned users of the need to upgrade as the cut-off date was reached on the 12th January 2016.

“No updates, no patches, no fixes, no new versions and no support options if things go wrong,” he said.

“With the majority of malware being delivered via your web browser these days, it’s imperative you keep it as up to date as possible.”

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