Ecordia – leading the way with huge numbers of candidates logging in


E-portfolio systems have been great – highly productive and efficient for the assessment centre.  This usually includes assessors, internal verifiers, training managers, workplace managers and external verifiers.  However something that seems to have been forgotten by the industry is the candidate.  It is the candidate’s portfolio after all.  But the feedback from the industry is that many systems are just not focused enough on candidate usage, therefore the online portfolio systems are too difficult for them to use.

One of the great success stories of the Ecordia system is that as well as being a fantastic tool for assessment centres, it’s very easy to use by candidates themselves.  93% per cent of all portfolios on Ecordia are accessed online by the candidate!

With lots of your candidates logging in, they will be uploading their evidence and respond to feedback, which means your assessors can actually focus on what they do best, assessing and planning.  Candidates will noticeably become very engaged with their course and be more productive, as will the assessors’ with the work that’s being submitted.  Achievement rates and timely completions will increase and as a centre you will attract more business.

If you want to find out more about Ecordia and how you can better engage your candidates, contact us on or call 0845 8380650

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