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Ecordia announce partnership with Apprenticeships In Scotland.

Ecordia is delighted to be working in partnership with Career Studio through their youth recruitment service Apprenticeships in Scotland.  They are a leading, full service, recruitment service and careers company.  They will be working to promote, introduce and implement Ecordia to training centres and Colleges across the UK.  Career Studio understand the increasing requirement for a truly flexible, easy-to-use and well-priced ePortfolio system for the FE sector and apprenticeships.  Apprenticeships in Scotland and Career Studio are now official sales agent of Ecordia.

Career Studio provide their careers-related services to both consumers and business customers. Established in 2007 as a private career counselling service, the business has grown and developed expertise in programme management, consulting, careers media, employer services, digital and print publishing and enterprise training. In 2009 the company launched the ‘Apprenticeship in Scotland’ recruitment channel and in 2012 became the first employer in the UK to successfully train young people with a dedicated Apprenticeship in Enterprise.

According to Ronnie Davidson, the founder of Apprenticeships in Scotland:

“Ecordia stands out from the rest of the competition. The platform has a clean user interface and is simple to use on any web browser and mobile device through its App.  There are extensive help videos and quick links to get users started, becoming expert very quickly. But the biggest advantage is the low cost of entry to use the platform”.

Ecordia Co-founder and Business Development Director, Matthew Seldon said:

“Career Studio is known for its industry expertise and strength in service offering, so we are delighted to be working with them.  For Ecordia this partnership provides excellent commercial support and opens up a new area where assessment centres can benefit from the most well-developed and cost effective ePortfolio solution available”. 

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