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Software Review – Freemake Video Converter

With Ecordia, users can upload an unlimited number of files to their portfolio, with a very generous individual file size, allowing files of up to 155mb as standard!

With a greater use of digital technology to record evidence – with video being the most effective – storage of large files is made a reality on Ecordia.  However video files are very cumbersome and even a short video can be many megabytes of data, which can take quite a while to upload due to internet speeds, particularly on mobile devices and mobile data, so to save you time, we recommend making your videos as small as possible.

The best solution is to use video converter software to change the format of the video, to compress it more, thereby making it a much smaller file.  We have had excellent feedback from our users on Freemake Video Converter   This free software can not only convert your videos to whatever format and compression level you desire, but also has great features such as being able to rotate a video.  (In many cases with phones, videos can appear at the wrong angle).

The best format is MP4 (you can select this at the bottom of the Freemake screen) then select Mobile quality.  A one minute video should be no more than 7mb.  And if you manually adjust the bitrate to 600, the file should be half that size.  Video quality still seems to be very good at this level.

Freemake Video Converter is for use on Windows PCs, laptops etc.  Other software is available so do look around, but Freemake seems to be particularly easy to use and it’s free.

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