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Learners Love the System

“My learners have used other e-portfolios, but they all always comment on how straight forward and easy Ecordia is to use, to upload work, to see their progress and to understand what they have left to do.”

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“Customer Service is excellent and responses are almost immediate, changes needed to the system are taken on board and actioned. Staff are friendly and always keen to help.”

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Easy To Use

“Ecordia is fab! Easy to use and navigate the system. The Help Console gives you step by step guides and videos so you can’t go wrong.”

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We have many informative user reviews of Ecordia, written recently by training provider and FE College department staff.  Have a look to see what experienced e-portfolio users say about Ecordia:  Click Here

“I have been using Ecordia for 9 years now as an Assessor and as a Learner and I love how easy it is to use and how they have adapted it and updated it when needed. The support from them is great and no trouble and always ensure everything is right and listen to our feedback. It is a clear system with video help guides to ensure it easily understood and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an E-Portfolio.”

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Popular Features

Key features that make a real difference

EPA Showcase / Portfolio

Also known as ‘Portfolio of Evidence’, a new feature for the new apprenticeship standards, enabling sharing of evidence with the Independent Assessor / End Point Assessor.


Integrated E-Learning

E-Learning materials, workbooks and activities are now available through Ecordia. These can also be integrated and pre-loaded into assessment plans and work templates on the Ecordia system. You can purchase subscriptions or upload your own learning materials.


Off-Job Training / Contact Log

Ecordia’s Contact Log is a very useful feature which allows contact to be recorded by the Candidate, the Assessor and any other centre users with a relationship to the Candidate’s portfolio. “The Contact Log within Ecordia is an ideal messaging system to keep in contact with your candidate.”


Interactive Progress Report

Continuous tracking of learner progress can be an onerous task for assessors with a large case-load, it can also be very time-consuming – not to mention the quality assurance processes by centre administrators. With this in mind we have developed the extremely popular Interactive Progress Report.


Work Templates

Creating the same work plan repeatedly can be very time consuming and monotonous whether you are creating it from scratch or copying and pasting.  But by using our Work Templates feature, you only need to create the plan once and you can then apply it to multiple candidate portfolios on the same course with a click of button.



EcordiApp is the mobile application for the Ecordia e-portfolio and e-assessment solution. It is designed to assist users in gathering ad-hoc evidence quickly and efficiently using their mobile device.


Plagiarism Checks

To assist training providers, Ecordia has a built-in Plagiarism Checker to allay suspicion of any plagiarised activity. Whilst this advanced functionality does attract a further subscription, we have a tiered pricing structure starting at just £27.50+VAT* per month.


Online Workbooks and Tests

Ecordia is so versatile that, in addition to creating a portfolio of evidence, you can also create online tests for candidates to complete. Online tests could range from in-house tests through to practice tests for more formal qualifications.


Gap Report

“I love the Gap Report! The Gap Report gives you and your candidate focus as they progress with their qualification. It enables them to see what evidence is outstanding, giving the candidate clarity and focus.”


Why Ecordia & ePortfolio?

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Ecordia E-Portfolio

Ecordia E-Portfolio

Ecordia is about providing the very best e-assessment and e-portfolio experience for ALL users and at a reasonable and realistic cost for training providers who  operate in a sector with high cost and little margin.

What do we do?

We help training providers deliver exceptional quality of delivery, reduce cost and increase timely achievement rates.  With Ecordia, providers can grow their businesses more quickly and cost effectively.

How do we do it?

The Ecordia system is focused on simplicity of experience, process and functionality. Our priority is usability, particularly for candidates, to help truly engage them in their vocational qualification journey.  And for managers and assessors, the system is easy to use, with a proven track-record, excellent functionality and all the tools and support they need to do their job to the best of their ability.

Ecordia’s visual interface design may be simple, but it is tremendously useful and intuitive to use. Its core functionality and corresponding aesthetic are designed expressly to support key features of a streamlined and efficient e-portfolio experience.

Who do we do it for?

  • Assessment centres seeking growth opportunities, including potential for national and international expansion.
  • Assessment centres looking for ways to reduce cost and increase quality of delivery.
  • Training managers who want to find ways to further engage their candidates and help motivate staff.
  • Assessment centres looking for a system to provide a single point of access of e-portfolio and online learning materials.

What value do we provide?

Ecordia provides exceptionally high-quality service, a usable and practical system, proven over many years and responsive and helpful support for your staff, all at a low cost.

Instead of spending time trying to manage your training and assessment processes, getting caught-up in problem-solving with issues that should not be there in the first place, Ecordia will give your managers, assessors and candidates, the space to deliver their best.  With Ecordia your centre will save huge amounts of time, money and wasted energy.