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Ecordia 10th Anniversary

The dependable e-portfolio solution for apprenticeships and QCF courses

The Ecordia e-portfolio system has been benefiting training centres across the UK  for more than 10 years.  During this time there has been many changes to the industry, but Ecordia has remained current and effective throughout, being adaptable and dependable to all its users.  With steady growth, Ecordia has been able to work closely with customers to ensure their needs can be continually met and even exceeded.  This ethos has seen Ecordia become a market leader in online e-portfolio software and admired by the competition.

Logical, with clear and concise functionality

You don’t have to be smart to use Ecordia, our e-portfolio has a logical user interface, with clear and concise functionality, making it really easy for all your users to master quickly and effectively in little or no time at all.

The system was designed by training professionals rather than techies and always with the end-user in mind.  Navigation throughout the Ecordia system is based on the traditional portfolio model, but with all the efficiencies and benefits of online software.  Ecordia makes clever use of internet browsers and mobile technology to ensure you can access the information you need when you need it, making the process of preparing and submitting evidence very easy, ensuring the assessment and verification processes, such as linking evidence, preparing assessment feedback and IQA are fast and efficient.

We are hugely impressed with the Ecordia system.
— The Open University

In just 12 months Ecordia has already proved its worth by enabling candidates to complete much more quickly
— Prospects Training Services