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The benefits to assessors of using an e-portfolio and management system

If you haven’t decided to switch your learning centre over to an e-assessment and management system yet, it may help to read one of our earlier articles which

presents a business case for utilising an e-portfolio solution. From that you’ll discover there are many benefits to candidates, assessors and training centres for switching across to an e-assessment and management system.

So let’s take a look at some of those benefits for assessors in a little more detail:

1. Saves time.

An online system will help save your assessors time in a variety of way, such as:

  1. Save time searching for the relevant paper-based portfolio ahead of candidate meetings

  2. Save time creating reports and review documentation

  3. Save time explaining to candidates how to complete paper-based forms

  4. Save time travelling to and from meetings unnecessarily

  5. Save time discussing irrelevant issues by having real-time progress reports & updates

  6. Save time following up with students on their progress and course activity

2. Easy file storage & share.

An online system ensures that work evidence, in its entirety, is stored securely online and can be shared with the relevant people easily. Assessors can log in to their own secure account and review a candidate’s portfolio at any time. If the candidates’ need to submit additional work or files, whether they are documents, directly typed-in work or media files, they can do so. All files uploaded will be attached to the candidate’s portfolio and can be referred back to by the assessor whenever they require.

3. Instant progress updates.

The very nature of an online system means candidate portfolios are available online 24/7 giving assessors the ability to record and monitor candidate progress as it happens. An online system can also be programmed to prompt assessors when candidate contact or reviews are required, ensuring fluidity and efficiency of workflow.

4. Regular communication & support.

Many e-portfolio solutions like Ecordia’s offer integrated messaging features. This functionality enables assessors and candidates to communicate quickly and more frequently, which is an effective tool particularly in rural or remote areas, and a way to highlight candidates who may require additional support early on.

5. Safe & secure.

Online e-portfolio systems like Ecordia put measures in place to ensure they are secure and backed up regularly. Assessors, candidates, internal and external verifiers will have access to the system via their own secure username and password.

6. Access & availability.

Knowing that assessors have constant access to all information whenever they need it, without the need for heavy paper-based portfolios that can get lost, forgotten, or mis-filed, reduces stress and ensures greater productivity and efficiency.

7. Reduction of costs.

With an e-portfolio system your assessors can log in to the system remotely, therefore significantly reducing travel expenses to the centre or candidate’s workplace.

8. Less administration.

An online portfolio and management system will have automated tools integrated to help streamline processes and planning. This will considerably reduce assessor administration requirements allowing them more time to focus on their candidates’ progress.

9. Pinpoint needs quickly.

Some online systems like Ecordia’s have built-in alert functionality which when created and activated gives assessors the ability to be notified automatically to possible time-limit infringements, enabling them to become truly proactive when managing their candidates through their course.

10. Report generation.

Using an online system to generate reports will ensure greater accuracy and take much less time than creating them via a paper-based system. A wide variety of reports can be generated in this manner such as candidate progress and activity reports that assessors can refer to in a one-to-one with the candidate, as well as in larger team meetings. Overall assessors have significantly improved work satisfaction, becoming more productive and efficient in their work.

If you already use an online e-assessment and management system what are the biggest benefits to you?  Please leave your comments below; we’d really enjoy hearing from you.

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