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Bradford College Pharmacy Technicians Prize Winners

Ecordia were proud to sponsor the Bradford College Pharmacy Technicians prize-giving event recently.

From the Bradford College CEO:

I am writing to offer my sincere thanks on behalf of all at Bradford College for your most generous support at our recent Pharmacy Technicians end of term event. You very kindly sponsored the two prizes of a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, which were awarded to the best blended and classroom learners from the BTEC Level 3 Pharmaceutical Science course over the 2 year period. I can confirm wholeheartedly that the winning students, Deborah Dessi and Lydia Bennett were highly delighted with their prizes.

Once again, thank you very much indeed for your kind and continued support it is very much appreciated!

It was our pleasure, many congratulations to Deborah and Lydia.  We hope you enjoy your prizes!

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15 nov 2023

Congratulations to the Bradford College Pharmacy Technicians Prize Winners! It's inspiring to see recognition for the hard work and dedication of these individuals in the field of pharmacy. In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, pharmacy technicians play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient distribution of medications. With the increasing importance of online pharmacy services, their expertise in both traditional and digital pharmacy settings is invaluable. These winners not only exemplify excellence in their profession but also symbolize the commitment to providing quality healthcare services to the community. Kudos to them for their achievements and contributions to the field!

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Gerth Sniper
Gerth Sniper
27 feb 2023

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