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Ecordia does not deliver the qualifications and training, but is an internet application which hundreds of training centres and colleges use throughout the country and even abroad, to deliver their qualifications and training.

If you are looking for a qualification then using our ‘Qualification Search’ we can send your details out to the training centres and colleges using our system for them to contact you to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.  You can then decide which one is right for you.  But whoever you choose, your qualification will be delivered on Ecordia, so you’ll be in great hands.

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401- Drinks Dispense Systems
404 – Licensed Hospitality
411 – Mail Services
412 – Traffic Office
413 – Int Trade and Logistics
414 – Warehousing and Storage
415 – Commercial Moving
422 – Beauty Therapy
423 – Fashion and Textiles
435 – Vehicle Sales
442 – Logistics Operations
443 – Retail
498 – Cleaning and Environmental Services
500 – Property Services
501 – Facilities Management
507 – Barbering
508 – Hairdressing
509 – Nail Services
510 – Spa Therapy
566 – Supply Chain Management
577 – Express Logistics
578 – Funeral Operations and Services
580 – Hospitality Management
582 – Catering and Professional Chefs
583 – Hospitality
588 – Energy Assessment and Advice