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E-Learning is a huge growth area, with ‘distance learning’ being around for decades now and with the internet, there is a wealth of choices for completing a course online. All learning materials, tests and assessments can take place online with traditional E-learning courses.

As we know, this is very different for vocational qualifications and work-based assessment. E-portfolio systems have done a great job in enabling online work portfolios, providing massive efficiency and productivity gains, however the aspect of ‘online learning’ has, until now, been a little over-looked.

Ecordia has always had the functionality to upload learning materials to the system, so that candidates can access and refer to these documents, be it Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, audio and video files. This is great functionality, making use of the Internet to share these documents to your candidates as and when they require.  So some ‘online learning’ is very much possible on Ecordia but we do not think this goes far enough. We believe that vocational qualification assessment should be able to benefit more from E-learning, as it is traditionally thought of.

Ecordia is now working on a new feature we’re calling Ecordia+. This feature enables you to have instant access to top-level learning materials, specifically for your courses, that are fully integrated into the candidate’s portfolio.

We’re working closely with hand-picked content providers, experts in their field, to provide the best learning materials available for your courses. Over time these learning materials are being integrated into Ecordia for specific courses!

With Ecordia+ everything is in one place and readily accessible. It all runs in the web browser and the learning materials are ready-to-go and fully integrated into the candidate’s portfolio!

It’s all part of the course, it’s seamless, blended learning at its best.   The learning materials themselves have been written and developed by industry experts with years of teaching experience. The content is fully maintained.

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