Sunesis Learner Management

Screenshot 2015-12-07 14.59.31Ecordia & Sunesis

Ecordia is excited to announce that we now link with the Sunesis Learner Management system from Perspective UK. This connectivity with the Sunesis system means that through Ecordia you can now have access to a complete Learner Management system which includes data management, qualification management, funding management, learner progress and reporting. Moreover, with data being transferred to the Sunesis system automatically from Ecordia, you can dramatically reduce data entry, saving you time.

Some of the key functionality includes:

  • Bespoke Access Levels
  • Real-Time Data Sharing
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Data Import from Ecordia
  • Funding Predictor
  • Funding Profiler
  • PFR reconciliation
  • Full ILR validation and batch preparation

As well as the link to Ecordia, Sunesis has the following benefits:

Partner Access – the system has been designed keeping various partner organisations working with the Provider. These include other training providers (delivery partners) , employers, funding contract holders, schools, colleges, etc. Sunesis provides the opportunity for all the partner organisations to have restricted and privileged access to the system. This eliminates the transfer of data, use of spreadsheets and other media and the collation of data from the several sources.

Online Access – Sunesis is a completely web based platform allowing full control of every aspect of learner management. It ensures real-time data can be accessed and updated at any time from any location with internet access. Sunesis does not need to be installed locally on a PC or laptop and is upgraded automatically.

CustomisationUnlike other systems, Sunesis is highly flexible and is a highly customisable system which allows significant level of customisation to adopt to the way organisations operate. E.g. adding new fields, new reports, changes to existing reports etc. are quickly added to the system with no down-time. Sunesis is an organic system which can grow to the changing needs of providers having the scalability and capability to replace a number of systems with just a single system.

Something that we at Ecordia can relate to and have seen with Sunesis is that they work closely with their customers to ensure the system is effective within their business and are happy to adapt the system to suit. They don’t offer an ‘off the shelf’ product and leave you to it. They are happy to meet regularly with customers each year to demonstrate new features (the system is forever evolving to stay ahead of new requirements), as well as ensuring the customer is happy with their service.

If you are currently using a learner management / ILR system such as MAYTAS or PICS then we would highly recommend looking at the Sunesis solution. It will do everything you need it to with the added benefit of the link with the Ecordia system.

For more detailed information about the features and functionality of the Sunesis system, please click here.

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