How is security and confidentiality maintained ?

The system and all work evidence is stored on remote servers and are backed-up every 60 minutes.
128-bit encrypted security and authentication is also provided throughout the system.
All links to the Ecordia system are secure and inaccessible without encrypted authentication.
Users are given an individual username and password to access the system.

Users can only see the information they are responsible for:

  • Candidates can access their portfolio only.
  • Assessors can access their candidates’ portfolios only.
  • Internal Quality Assurers can only access the portfolios of their Assessors.
  • External Verifiers can access all the candidates portfolios registered with the awarding body they represent.
  • Other roles have access to reports / summary information.

To safeguard your data and to maintain your business continuity, all files and data are constantly backed-up to secure offsite locations. Furthermore, users can download candidate portfolios for offline storage and access. So once a candidate ends their course you have peace of mind knowing they can take away their very own copy.  Downloaded/exported portfolios look exactly the same as the online version – however it is also possible to disable the candidate’s online account whilst access to the online version is still available to the training organisation.

What level of computer skills do you need to use Ecordia, is it user-friendly?

The Ecordia system is visually-based on the paper portfolio, so even those without any prior e-portfolio experience or even a lack of IT skills and familiarity, will still find Ecordia easy to use and instantly recognisable.

If candidates or assessors have used the Internet for searching, buying items or just looking-up web pages, then they will find Ecordia simple and easy to use. Users never get lost as the system is consistent and simple and has been designed to work very logically.

Many customers and users of Ecordia have commented that the system has aided their development of IT skills.

It’s very simple for all administrators, assessors and IQAs to have quick access to the areas of the system enabling the work productively.  They have two means of access to a candidate’s portfolio, either by selecting a task from their own “Start” screen, which will take them directly to the portfolio and the task they need to be working on, or by locating the relevant candidate(s) via Ecordia’s “Candidate Search”.

Candidates can select a task they wish to work on from their Portfolio Front Page, or navigate directly to the plan or evidence they wish to work on.

It really can be a matter of a few seconds after logging in that users are straight to where they need to be.

Are assessor / tutor visits still required ?

Assessors are still required for observations. In its most basic form, Ecordia is simply the portfolio, but online with multiple access.

  • This actually increases the communication level between candidates and assessors and as a result candidates report that they feel more connected and working as a team with their assessor.
  • Training centres report that they never have a wasted visit to a workplace. Ecordia enables assessors and managers to see precisely where their candidates are prior to any visits.

How is evidence entered into the system ?

Users can type directly into the system using the integrated  text-editor. No additional word-processing software is required.  Alternatively, users can copy word documents into the portfolio including all formatting.

In addition to written evidence, images can be uploaded, such as scans of documents, photos, audio files, PDF documents etc.
Evidence can be inputted into Ecordia by the candidate and / or the assessor, providing total flexibility.
The number of attachments that can be uploaded to Ecordia is unlimited and a single file can be up to 250mb.

Standards – can all users access the qualification standards when they require them and are they simple to update or replace?

Qualification standards can be accessed via either our “Show Standards” button which is always available when required, particularly when linking evidence to the criteria or at points where the candidate would need to refer to them.  And there’s no need to navigate away from the current screen!

Additionally, course standards can be managed via the Course Admin area of the system – allowing for updates to be added easily.  Much of the updating of course standards is carried out by the Ecordia Support Team.

Is the candidate’s e-portfolio accessible to the candidate, assessor(s), IQA, EQ and SV?

The Ecordia system is a web-based application and therefore can be accessed from anywhere that the user has internet access – and it is compatible with all internet browsers.  In addition, we also have a mobile app for use with smart phones and tablets for both iOS and Android, which can also be put into offline mode for occasions when internet access is not available.

Can I archive or print the online portfolio ?

All completed portfolios can be archived / exported onto CDROM as a fully working, read-only, version – and printed out in their entirety if required.

Every candidate portfolio is available to print at any point in the course.

Cross referencing – the candidate’s portfolio should allow the candidates work to be cross referenced across units within a qualification where the evidence is uploaded once, but linked to a different unit.

Cross-referencing across multiple units can be performed within a single screen!
This is unique functionality to Ecodia and makes the process very easy…and this can be performed by the candidate as well as the assessor.

How is candidate progress monitored?

Candidate progress is easily visible from the candidate search results screen, the candidate’s portfolio front page or via a Candidate Report which can show overall progress in addition to individual unit progress.  Overall/individual unit progress updates upon the candidate’s acceptance of the assessment feedback.

When a unit reaches 100%, a Unit Completion Declaration is generated by Ecordia, prompting the assessor, candidate and IQA to confirm the unit.  Upon the whole qualification reaching 100% the assessor submits the portfolio to the IQA for final verification and provided the IQA is satisfied, they approve final verification and the portfolio moves on to ‘certification’ and ‘complete’ stages.  It is also possible to view progress via Ecordia’s mobile app.

For audit trial purposes, can all documents uploaded into the candidate’s portfolio be dated and timed – and with the user ID?

The Ecordia system automatically dates & times the creation of plans, presentation of evidence, acceptance of plans and assessment feedback.  This helps with demonstrating the transparency of the process.  The user’s digital signature is also applied upon acceptance of plans, feedback and unit completion declarations.  The Ecordia system also records the username and date of all files uploaded as evidence.

How is user security managed on Ecordia?

All users of the Ecordia system have their own unique username and are issued with a temporary password.  Upon first login, for security purposes, they are prompted to change their password to something of their own choice.  Users can only see the information they are responsible for:

  • Candidates can access their portfolio only.
  • Assessors can access their candidates’ portfolios only.
  • Internal Quality Assurers can only access the portfolios of their assessors.
  • External Verifiers can access all the candidates portfolios registered with the awarding body they represent or access given to just specific candidates – their access can also be activated as and when required by the assessment centre.
  • Other roles have access to reports / quality assurance and summary information.

Ecordia also has the facility for second-line assessors and IQAs to countersign trainee decisions.  Once a unit is ‘complete’ it is locked and it is also possible for the IQA to lock individual items of evidence.  If an assessor wishes to re-assess or prepare evidence again they would need to use the “Permissions Request” function and wait for permission to be granted before being able to do so.

Does Ecordia have a ‘templates for evidence’ feature?  …for evidence collection and referencing.

The Ecordia system has fantastic time-saving feature for producing evidence templates, whereby the (previously designed) template is automatically displayed on the screen for completion when the relevant evidence-type is selected.

In addition, Ecordia has a ‘work templates’ feature whereby an assessment plan can be created just once and then applied to multiple portfolios at the click of a button!

How quickly can a user get started on Ecordia ?

Ecordia has been designed from the user’s perspective using linear, simple processes. The system helps to guide its users and there are even video guides integrated into Ecordia.

Due to the simplicity and intuitiveness of Ecordia, candidates do not require training to use the system, simply an introduction to the system.

Can Ecordia host resources such as qualification guidance and full standards?

Course standards are fully integrated into the candidate’s portfolio, so there is no requirement to place them elsewhere unless you need to.

Resources can be added to your own centre’s Ecordia Resource Library, either as a link to other sources or the whole document or file – and access can also be restricted to relevant roles requiring access to certain resources.  Resource files can include video, audio, slideshows, documents, spreadsheets etc.

Contingencies for system failures – are the candidates’ portfolios safe and do you have a backup facility when the systems fail?

This is of the highest priority for our technical team.  All work evidence and data is stored on UK-based remote servers which are backed-up every 15 minutes.  The system is fully 128-bit encrypted for security.  Ecordia ensures disaster recovery and business continuity through back-up servers and extensive regular backing-up of data to a secure off-site location.  Ecordia’s top specification servers are monitored 24/7.

Recording and mapping evidence – can the portfolio evidence be automatically matched to unit learning outcomes and each assessment criteria when it is judged and selected by the assessor?

Evidence can be linked to the criteria either at the planning stage, when evidence is being prepared, or during the assessment process.  Cross-referencing across multiple units can be performed within a single screen, saving time – and this can be performed by the candidate or the assessor.

You can also use embedded linking within the evidence on Ecordia, so that the system will automatically link the evidence for you.

Archiving – once the candidate’s portfolio has been validated by the EV/SV and awarding body, is it possible to copy the portfolio onto a CD for the candidate and for archiving?

Yes.  By using Ecordia’s ‘Export Portfolio’ feature, portfolios can be exported offline and saved on a hard-drive or static media.  They work exactly the same as the did on the system, the way you navigate the portfolio and view plans and evidence etc.

What sort of lead-in implementation or delivery time is there?

Centre accounts are usually available within 10 working days of written confirmation that a centre wishes to use Ecordia.

Does Ecordia display gaps in candidate performance or knowledge evidence and therefore provide a gap analysis?

The Ecordia system has a Gap Report which can be accessed via the candidate portfolio or via the reports bank.  The Gap Report shows all current gaps within the portfolio.  As the gaps are completed and signed-off, they disappear from the Gap Report.

Does Ecordia allow meetings with candidates to be logged somehow?

Yes, meetings or any communication with the candidates, such as email or a telephone call, can be logged in the candidate’s portfolio using the Contact Log feature, which in-turn feeds into the Contact Log Report.

Is there any way to badge or brand our Ecordia account ?

Yes.  We can place a logo of your choice at the top of the screen so that any user that logs into your account will see your logo in the middle and top of the screen.

I am looking to study a course, can you help?

Ecordia does not deliver the qualifications and training, but we are an internet application which hundreds of training centres and colleges use throughout the country – and even abroad – to deliver their qualifications and training.  If you are looking for a qualification then using our Qualification Search we can send your details to the training centres and colleges that use Ecordia, for them to contact you to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.  You can then decide which one is right for you.  But whoever you choose, your qualification will be delivered on Ecordia, so you’ll be in great hands.