Ecordia & Further Education (FE)

Further Education

The Ecordia e-portfolio system has been developed to enable effective delivery of FE qualifications such as BTECs and Diplomas.

With unique functionality allowing clear tracking and monitoring of student achievements and grades, to marking and grading of assignments.

With the use of a PC or mobile device, candidates can upload and submit their assignments, receive and respond to feedback and view clear progress reports.


Top 5 Features to simplify FE BTEC & Diplomas assessment


1. UCAS points

UCAS points
Ecordia has functionality that will display UCAS points on the Portfolio Front Page automatically. This feature is ideal if you have candidates that require UCAS points, such as working towards Btec Diplomas at Levels 2, 3 or 4 using the grading system of Pass, Merit or Distinction.

2. Assignment briefs

Assignment briefs
Planning assignments with Ecordia couldn’t be simpler!  You can type directly into the system, copy and paste, and upload attachments.  If you want to save even more time, you can use our Work Templates feature whereby you can apply the same plan to multiple portfolios.

3. Unit Grading

Unit Grading
Depending on the grading of individual items of criteria, the Ecordia system will calculate an overall unit grade of Pass, Merit, Distinction, Fail etc.

4. Plagiarism checker and similarity reports

Plagiarism checker and similarity reports
Ecordia PlagScan compares your document with billions of others and highlights relevant similarities between them. It enables our users to identify plagiarism by checking documents with Plagscan’s online plagiarism detection platform, in real time!

5. Course Events

Course Events
Course leaders can create course events to distribute work templates, automatically notify IVs when sampling is due and for progress tracking.  This helps keeps the assessment process flowing smoothly and efficiently with the system working proactively for you and your team.  Ecordia caters for many different types of qualification, such as QCF, BtECs, Diplomas (including the new 14-19 Diplomas), Functional Skills and Technical Certificates. Ecordia is a platform for college-wide management and delivery of all qualifications requiring a portfolio of evidence.



Key Facts

  • Create Schemes of Work for group and individualized work
  • Online text editor allowing students to prepare assignments without the need for latest software
  • Virtual Learning Environment for your department or across college
  • Tutor access to progression and portfolio if required
  • Portfolio access for more than one assessor at a time
  • Internal Messaging System direct to student accounts, no need for email.
  • Share and store learning materials to support tutorials
  • Student portfolio available across college to authorized users
  • Transparent and up to date progress data
  • Increase achievement rates and improve timely achievement
  • Controlled access for auditors, inspectors and sponsors

See what some of our FE college customers have to say….

Aidan Shiel – Director of IT Services, Llandrillo College “Colleges are finding that implementation of an e‐assessment system is not an easy task. We have been looking into this for a few years as there are many systems available that claim to do what Ecordia does, but in our experience this has not been the case. Ecordia has proved to be an exceptionally effective system and at a reasonable cost. I believe it to be the real solution for online assessment and management of NVQs. This system goes significantly beyond other e‐portfolio systems”.

Dale McBride, Head of Department — Bradford College “We chose Ecordia because we believe in being proactive instead of reactive. The benefits of being paperless will eventually become apparent to the whole industry, so we would prefer to be ahead instead of catching‐up. Another key factor is that the Ecordia team were able to develop the system to meet our specific requirements. The system works very well within my department. The main benefits of Ecordia are that it gives students the empowerment to achieve their aims. Through the online portfolio it is clear and apparent to them how much work they need to do to at any given time. Also, all of the information they need is on the system, accessible 24/7. We can use Ecordia’s Resources system to store work, in‐case any students miss lessons and we can set targets ‐ for example this half‐term all our first year learners have been set a target of 20% completion before they come back. Ecordia also helps me monitor each student and identify students that are struggling, which enables me to put action into place. Like any new technology, the assessors and candidates were sceptical at first. However, as time has gone by they have come to enjoy using the system and now very much appreciate the benefits it gives them. The support has been excellent. Whenever I have had a problem I have received instant help and guidance. The Ecordia team not only offer amazing support but they also explain everything in detail in an understandable and non‐confusing way. We have worked with Ecordia to deliver the BtEC National Diplomas and I would recommend to any college that delivers NVQ or BtEC to look at Ecordia sooner rather than later! It surprises and amazes me how colleges can continue to operate with paper”.