Ecordia & Apprenticeships


Ecordia offers many innovative features to simplify the delivery of Apprenticeships.  Here are just a few of the features and benefits which enable our customers to deliver superb results!


Top 5 Features to simplify Apprenticeship assessment


1. Course builder

course builder
Due to Ecordia’s unique design it is possible to ‘build’ the entire apprenticeship course under one portfolio for your candidates, making the whole process simpler and easier for your assessors and candidates.  You can also create schemes of work and plan templates which can be applied to candidates at key learning stages, or as an when required, enabling the full integration of your programme design onto Ecordia.

2. Online Reviews

Eradicate paper completely, using our online review feature. Users will be able to schedule and complete progress reviews online, including candidates and workplace manager comments, which will remain in the portfolio for audit purposes.

3. Online Learning

Online learning
Embed online learning materials into the Ecordia e-portfolio, providing a secure way to share learning materials with your candidates whilst protecting your IP and providing a blended learning experience for the candidate.

4. Holistic Assessment

Holistic Assessment
With Ecordia it’s really straightforward to cross-reference evidence to more than one unit, simplifying the holistic assessment approach. On just one screen, even whilst viewing the evidence or preparing feedback, the user can reference the evidence to as many assessment criteria as they require, which will automatically update the evidence location sheets and even the progress once the feedback has been accepted!

5. IV Matrix

IV Matrix
Ecordia’s IV Matrix enables you to create, monitor and maintain your IV strategy and sampling matrix online.  Input your strategy and the system will notify the appropriate Internal Verifier when items are available and/or overdue.
With this advanced functionality you can create your own IV sampling plans online, the plan is then converted into a matrix which the system will monitor and signify to IVs when items are presented that need verification.

How will you facilitate the online component of apprenticeship learning?

By using Ecordia for your apprenticeships this potential problem is solved!


All learning aims; Main aims (QCF or NQF), Functional Skills, Technical Certificates, ERR and PLTS can be managed within one portfolio for each learner!
You can track the apprenticeship at a high level and drill right down to specific learning aims and units.

Key Facts:

  • Create Schemes of Work
  • Increase Employer Engagement – employers and workplace managers can have online
    access to different aspects of Ecordia including learner progress information.
  • Share and store learning materials to help candidates achieve guided learning hours.
  • Store 12 week reviews
  • Widen-participation by removing geographical barriers
  • Reduce course lengths
  • Increase achievement rates and improve timely achievement
  • Online data link direct to the SFA.
  • Multiple assessor access to portfolios
  • Suggested links for standardised cross-referencing of units across all learning aims

See what some of our Apprenticeship centre customers have to say….

Richard Patterson, Training Quality Manager, Key Training

“The use of Ecordia has really taken off for Key Training and has become more popular than the traditional paper‐ based route.
Learners enjoy the flexibility of the access and the instant (% toward completing) feedback on progress. Assessors are able to plan effectively and are more focussed at the point of meeting with the candidates.

Internal Verification on Ecordia again allows for IV to be carried out without the logistical burden of portfolios in transit. Candidates still need to be interviewed and IVs can again plan this around their visits with assessors. The support from Ecordia has been excellent”.

Chris Stacey ‐ Lead Assessor, Community Care Training Services

“When CCTS first opened we decided to implement an e‐portfolio system and chose Ecordia – mainly because we were aware from others of the willingness of that company to work towards the needs of their clients. Since deciding to use Ecordia we have had nothing but a positive response in all aspects of using it. The support from their office is always of a high standard and without delay. Everything that we have asked Ecordia to do for us has been done. The support team also always keep us up‐to‐date with any developments and new features.

The benefits to our company have included the speeding‐up of our learners to be able to finish their NVQ quickly and for both assessors and learners to have much better contact and communication through the system. Ecordia is also very beneficial for IVs and the monitoring of progress”.