Ecordia Focus on Functionality: EcordiApp

Ecordia Focus on Functionality: EcordiApp

Ecordia Focus on Functionality – EcordiApp EcordiApp is the mobile application for the Ecordia e-portfolio and e-assessment solution. It is designed to assist users in gathering ad-hoc evidence quickly and efficiently using their mobile device. EcordiApp is designed to be used in conjunction with the main Ecordia system. Some features of the EcordiApp functionality: • […]

Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Online Tests

Ecordia Focus on Functionality – Online Tests Ecordia is so versatile that, in addition to creating a portfolio of evidence, you can also create online tests for candidates to complete. Online tests could range from in-house tests through to practice tests for more formal qualifications. Using our Online Tests functionality, training providers can check for […]

Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Plagiarism Checker

Ecordia Focus on Functionality – Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism is defined as “the presentation of another person’s thoughts or words or artefacts or software as though they were a student’s own”, and can be an issue for some training providers. To assist training providers, Ecordia has a built-in Plagiarism Checker to allay suspicion of any plagiarised […]

Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Enquiries

Ecordia is more than just an e-portfolio system! At Ecordia we understand the importance of candidate procurement but the monitoring of enquiries can be time consuming and easily overlooked. Why not let Ecordia ease the strain by using our built-in Enquiries feature? Some features of the Enquiries facility: Build a database of enquiries within Ecordia […]

Ecordia Focus on Functionality: The Mentor User Role

When evidence is being created or uploaded you may wish to share it with another person within the workplace. This person could be an Independent Witness or someone who is supporting the Candidate through their qualification such as a Supervisor or Workplace Manager. With this in mind Ecordia has the Mentor role and evidence can […]

Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Interactive Progress Report

One of the many requirements placed upon a training provider is that of continuous tracking of learner progress.  This cannot only be an onerous task for assessors with a large case-load, it can also be very time-consuming – not to mention the quality assurance process by centre administrators.  With this in mind, Ecordia have developed […]

Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Work Templates

Creating the same Plan repeatedly can be very time consuming and monotonous whether you are creating it from scratch or copying and pasting, so why not use Ecordia’s Work Template feature? Using our Work Templates you only need to create the Plan once and you can then apply it to multiple candidate portfolios on the […]

Ecordia Focus on Functionality: Contact Log

            Ecordia’s Contact Log is a very useful feature which allows contact to be recorded by the Candidate, the Assessor and any other centre users with a relationship to the Candidate’s portfolio. Log Entry Types can be tailored to your centre requirements by the Centre Administrator or Quality Assurer via […]